for further exploration: virago’s 40th, being gay in uganda/female in india, wondagurl

A few items for you to check out:

  • Virago, the publisher that focuses on women from Maya Angelou to Naomi Wolf and revived interest in Antonia White and Dodie Smith, celebrates turning 40 with a free e-book that includes Margaret Atwood, Claire Messud, Sarah Waters, and Elaine Showalter, to name a few. Need I say more?
  • Call Me Kuchu reveals what it’s like to live with Uganda’s state-sanctioned homophobia. Human rights activist David Kato, the country’s first openly gay man, was brutally murdered one year into the making of this film, which is in limited release.
  • I’m looking forward (with a heavy heart) to Petals in the Dust, a film that explores gendercide in India. According to the producers, 1 out of every 6 girls doesn’t make it to her 15th birthday. In their book Half the Sky, Nicholas Kristoff and Sheryl WuDunn say that “a little Indian girl dies from discrimination every four minutes.” I recommend Half the Sky and if you want to learn more about gendercide while you’re waiting for this film to come out.
  • Wondagurl is a 16-year-old music producer who has worked with, oh, just some guy named Jay Z. Watch this interview, get up off your butt, and do something.

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