Saga explores the intersection of feminism and creativity. How can creativity be used to promote and enrich the feminist movement? How do feminist ideals affect creativity? How does a creative’s feminism impact her or his creative output? Where do we find feminist currents in mainstream and underground creative outlets? How can feminism redefine what is considered art? If the personal is political, how does individual creativity fit into politics? What is the value of private creativity versus public creativity? What role does creativity play in the performance of gender? How can we support feminist creatives?

Saga takes an intersectional approach to feminism, considering the relationships between gender, sexuality, ethnicity, religion, nationality, and other cultural categories that serve to unite and divide us. Saga blurs borders and challenges assumptions through commentary, personal stories, interviews, reviews, and dialogue.

Saga takes its names from the Norse goddess of prophecy, poetry, and story.


4147_74213813730_1915411_nSara Baker is a writer, editor, and consultant who has worked for UN Women and the YWCA. Much of her work revolves around gender justice and gender-based violence. She has developed services for immigrant and refugee victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and human trafficking in Appalachia; created writing programs for young Latinas in Philadelphia; studied women and religion in North India; and taught English in Poland.

Sara holds an MA in English with Writing Concentration from the University of Tennessee and a BA in English and Religion from Maryville College. She lives in Knoxville, Tennessee, where she tends a garden and an old-ish house, rides her bike, runs trails, daydreams about where to travel or what to eat next, and laughs at her husband’s jokes.

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